Bob Lutz

“Years from now, when his time is finally up, he'll negotiate a better position for himself in Heaven. . . and St. Peter will sign.”

– Bob Lutz, Former Vice Chairman, General Motors

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Kim Kurtz-Seslar

“Invariably, John had a knack for keeping his teams on track not only to arrive at difficult decisions but also to yield results his contemporaries and all whom he managed sought to emulate.”

– Kim Kurtz-Seslar, Engineering Group Manager, General Motors, USA

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Imelda Labbe

“Management by Encouragement is by far the most effective management style I experienced during more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry.”

– Imelda Labbe, Head of Global Group, Aftersales, Volkswagen, Germany

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Paul Chedid

“I have learned so much from John as he always leads by example . . . I have discovered a mentor, a leader, a business guru, and most importantly, a friend that I have learned to rely on and trust.”

- Paul Chedid, President, Paul Chedid Automotive Group, Paris, France

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• How to identify 100 unthinkable ways to save in business

• How to grow - 51 actions to increase revenue

• How to end boring, controversial and toxic meetings

• How to get YES from the organization when they are thinking NO

• How to Manage by Encouragement

• How to keep teams together and on track

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John Costin has held numerous executive positions in the automotive industry internationally, throughout Europe and in the United States. He is . . .